Playing Your Way to Wellbeing

What does play have to do with our wellbeing? Find out how play can help you to finally put yourself first and make battling burnout and stress feel like child's play.

The Power of Play for our Self-Care and Wellbeing

Self-Care is Not Selfish

It's about damn time (thanks, Lizzo!) that we take care of ourselves and don't feel bad about it - no shame or judgement necessary! Learn how to fill your own cup up first and how to allow people to only access your saucer.

Busting Wellbeing Myths

Detach from perfectionism when it comes to your wellbeing and see what the research really says about creating habits, changing your thinking and feeling your feelings.

Fill your toolbox with playful practices

Use Emma's SHINE method to help you access a wide range of wellbeing tools that are simple, don't take up any extra time and actually work for YOU - because you're worth it!  

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Coaching with Emma has transformed my self-trust and self-care. She has helped me hear my voice, claim my space, and exercise my right to decide who I want to be and what I want to give my energy to. She also helped me embrace self-care as a mindset, not just a practice. Coaching with Emma has helped me find insight and inspiration to take action on health, relationship, and professional goals, and I am so proud of how I now see myself!


Inner Work

Being an entrepreneur calls you to soul search. In order to grow your business you have to do the inner work to grow yourself. Thank goodness I have invested in Emma’s coaching in order to have a regular check in to stretch, grow, work through obstacles, set goals, and have a PLAYful accountability partner.


Feeling Good

I highly recommend getting your brain coached with Emma! I had so many great takeaways from working with Emma that I will apply to my personal life and business. One of the biggest takeaways was learning how to think about the things I have to do in a more playful way. Now I think to myself, “How can I have fun with not-so-fun things like washing the dishes or putting the clothes away?” This has really helped me with getting things done and better yet, feel good in the process.


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Created by

Emma Tempest

The Play Coach
Emma is here with her unique rainbow thinking to get you unstuck from your problems and to help you make friends with all your feelings – the playful way!

Emma develops trainings and workshops for early childhood professionals to help them understand how children learn through the power of play and how to use play as a tool for building a strong foundation of wellbeing as well as education.

Emma also assists adults to use the magic of play in their own wellbeing journey - as a certified positive psychology coach, she uses the latest research to ignite change in her clients. Emma inspires people to connect to their inner child, using playful tools to help people become more of themselves and find more joy in their busy lives.

Originally from England, Emma holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Leeds Metropolitan University. She has worked in the early childhood field for over ten years. She now resides in New Jersey, but spreads her teachings far and wide, because we ALL need more play in our lives!
Visit Emma's website to find out more about her coaching and early childhood consultancy work: