• Duration

    2 hours

    Loose Parts: Inside & Out

    Are you wanting to experience more nature with your students? Want to watch their creativity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving flourish? Adding natural loose parts play is one of the easiest ways to do all three and more! Come explore and discover the benefits of loose parts!
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    What's Included

    7 video lessons

    Each ~20 minute lesson will dive into a specific aspect of loose parts play. The ultimate goal is that you walk away with an understanding of loose parts and how to put them into action right away.


    A place for you to reflect on the questions posed throughout the lessons, jot down your big ideas, and make a plan to move forward!

    Loose Parts Handout

    A simple way to help you obtain new loose parts without all the hassle.
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    The best

    Kyla put together the best training I've been to. Spending time to reflect on my own childhood and the 'why' was valuable.

    -kindergarten teacher

    Genuinely Excited

    I loved learning about how to 'let go.' Letting children explore who they are and what they can do. I am GENUINELY excited to learn more and be able to put these things into practice. 

    -preschool teacher


    At today's training I really enjoyed getting a better understanding of loose parts. Seeing how loose parts play connects to learning standards.

    -preschool teacher

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    Created by

    Kyla Maciosek

    Nature Created Play
    Kyla's heart is for the journey educators take when they step into the classroom, particularly for the first time. Learning to process your own feelings and past experience while trying to create the best possible experience for children is a lot of work! She wants to help you understand yourself better so that you can show up for your children and students.